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Partner or Grandmother Welcome

Consultations by appointment only. In-person, day, evening and weekend appointments available.
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Take a breastfeeding class!

Classes held Fridays at 3:00pm and Saturdays at 11am, or by appointment.
1 1/2 hours of instruction for $39.
Up to 4 moms plus partners. Call for availability at 757-373-6874.


About Dihann
What You'll Learn


“Nursing was not supported in the hospital when I delivered my first baby. One day after giving birth, I was told that my baby was not gaining weight and that if I didn't give her formula, I was compromising her well being. I called Dihann and through tears told her the situation. She calmly told me that a newborn didn't need more than the small amount of colostrum I was providing and that I was doing exactly the right thing by continuing nursing.  Dihann's expert guidance and support helped this new mother successfully nurse that baby and her sister two years later.”

- Mary G.

“ Dihann kept me from giving up on breast feeding! It was my first baby and after trying for 3 frustrating weeks, I had cracked nipples. Although I wanted to do what I felt was best for my baby, I was exasperated. In her no-nonsense way, she guided us through that hard time and consequently I nursed 4 more babies over the next 9 years!  Thank you Dihann, you are truly a cheerleader and the best educator ever.”

- Lisa-Marie J.

“My daughter was born in December. We had no health issues or concerns when she was born. She lost some weight while in the hospital, but the pediatrician said it was to be expected, and it was a small amount of weight loss.


After we left we went back to the pediatrician and she had started to gain weight, the goal being to gain an ounce per day. A week later we went back and she had only gained one ounce in that seven days. The pediatrician, my husband and I worried that she wasn't getting enough (and the doctor said we may have to think about supplementing with formula; something I did not want to do), and we decided to go to a lactation consultant.


My mom told me to call Dihann, who helped my mom with nursing me, and we went to see her right away. She gave us lots of easy-to-understand information and honest opinions to help us. It's been a slow process, but our baby started gaining and has now gotten to the "ounce per day" goal, and actually gone a little over that!


Since seeing her, we've had multiple conversations for more advice, help and questions I've had, along with Dihann checking in with me to see how our baby was doing! From problems with low milk supply, to help latching and information about how breastmilk is made and what it does for our baby, she's helped us through everything. I'm very grateful that she's helped us so that we could do what's best for our baby!”

“After great difficulty breastfeeding my first son, I sought Dihann's expertise while I was pregnant with my second son. I was determined to breastfeed and wanted to do everything that I could to ensure a successful experience. She met with me for a breastfeeding class and pre-birth consult. Then two days after the birth, she was willing to see me on short notice late on a Sunday afternoon to assist with some issues that I was having. With Dihann's help and encouragement, my second son was exclusively breastfed until starting solid foods and continues to breastfeed at 19 months. I was also able to pump and donate 329 oz to the CHKD Milk Bank. Dihann's guidance was an essential component throughout our breastfeeding journey.”

- Stacey B.

- Caitlin S.



Call 757-373-6874

Located in the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake, VA

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